Is it possible to create content through space?

3D-Stylus is an AR input device that enables 3D creation and control in the physical space. Unlike traditional input device that can only work on 2D interface, 3D-Stylus utilizes the camera at the nib to detect its 3D position relative to the static background. It can provide much more intuitive experience in 3D game, interface control, drawing and modeling. 


TIME: 10 Weeks ( Jun-Sep, 2014 )

COMPANY: Baidu Research Beijing, Institute of Deep Learning (IDL)

TEAM:  Individual Project (Yedan Qian)

FOCUS: HCI Research,Digital Prototype, Computer Vision, AR, Video Scenario

SKILLS: Interactive Prototype (Vuforia, OpenCV, Android Development), Scenario Design, Video (Premiere, After Effects, 3D Max, Cinema 4D)

input device-30.png