LUFFA’S is a series of interactive furniture made of sustainable materials. The interaction is to encourage people to touch, watch and feel the beauty of those materials and rebuild their connection with nature.  It provides an alternative to the products made of expensive and rare materials nowadays.







10 Weeks (March,2013 - May, 2013)

Zhejiang University

Individual Project (Yedan Qian)

Product Design, Physical Interactive Prototype, Material Exploration

Sketch, Rhino, V-ray, Arduino, Processing, Premiere, Arduino, Premiere

Product Design

Design Process


Luffa: beautifully textured

Sustainable materials like luffa, reed and bamboo are abundant in the nature, and featured by their special texture. Luffa's texture is rough, spongy and moldable after moisture and compressed.


Research on Industry

The luffa processing industry in China is developed but rarely has design, which keeps the profit low. Design can bring traditional material imagination and new identity.


People buy products for functions, aesthetics, values, and also emotion. The interaction is to create the emotion and make people recall memories of lying on the grass, smelling the mud and watching light through leaves, which help them rebuild connection with nature


Product Design + Haptic Interaction

Design structure prototype

Cut luffa intro stripes and weave them together

Fix the weaved stripes to the frame

Design the electronics & Arduino and fix them inside